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Privacy Policy


Nippon Fusso Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nippon Fusso") collects information which may identify individual customers (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") in order to provide products to customers. Nippon Fusso abides by the laws and ordinances concerning the protection of Personal Information, while also taking the greatest of care when handling Personal Information, and making efforts to establish trust from our customers and to meet their expectations.

1. Obtaining Personal Information

Nippon Fusso specifies the purpose of use of Personal Information obtained to the greatest extent possible, and obtains Personal Information in lawful and fair methods.

2. Use of Personal Information

Nippon Fusso only uses Personal Information as necessary in order to achieve the objectives listed below. If use of Personal Information for a purpose other than those described below becomes necessary, unless permitted by law, Nippon Fusso will seek the approval of the information owner (the Personal Information provider) before use.

(1) To send reply or brochure to request for quote or advice
(2) To send your equipment of coating order
(3) To provide information about exhibitions, products, and services (e-mail newsletters, Web Unicorn, etc)

3. Security management of Personal Information

Nippon Fusso implements the necessary and appropriate measures in order to prevent the disclosure or loss of or damage to any Personal information handled, and for the security management of Personal Information.

4. Entrustment of Personal Information

When Nippon Fusso entrusts the handling of any Personal Information, in whole or in part, to a third party, a strict investigation of the third party shall be conducted and the necessary and appropriate supervision implemented to ensure that the Personal Information entrusted for handling is managed securely.

5. Provision of Personal Information to a third party

Nippon Fusso shall not provide Personal Information to a third party without the approval of the information owner, or unless permitted by law.

6. Disclosure/correction of Personal Information

If an information owner (the Personal Information provider) requests the disclosure of his or her own Personal Information, Nippon Fusso shall promptly respond to such a request. Personal Information shall not be disclosed without confirming the information owner's identity.

If there is an error in Personal Information content, and the customer him or herself requests correction, addition or deletion, Nippon Fusso shall promptly respond to this request upon investigation. If it cannot be confirmed that the requesting party is the customer him or herself, these requests shall be denied.

If any customer wishes to request any of the above concerning the handling of his or her Personal Information, or has any other inquiry, please kindly inquire to the following.


[Contact] Nippon Fusso Co., Ltd. Management Planning Office

7. Organization & Structure

Nippon Fusso ensures that this policy is shared with all Nippon Fusso executives, employees (including part-time and temporary employees), and associated persons, thereby ensuring that each individual is aware of the importance of this policy and endeavors to implement it.

8. About use of cookies

Nippon Fusso's website uses cookies for part of its services, which are used for statistical processing of site access information, with the purpose of providing customers with better quality service. They do not violate user privacy or the environment for use. The information shall never be disclosed to identify each user who accessed the site.
*Cookies are mechanisms which allow the web server to identify the computer you are using.

9. About access log

Besides Nippon Fusso records access person information as access log including IP addresses, web browser and OS types, and access dates and times, these records are not for linking any personal information, cannot be used to identify any customer's Personal information.

10. Protection of Personal Information provided on linked websites

Nippon Fusso's website may contain links to websites out of Nippon Fusso group. Nippon Fusso does not have any responsiblity for the protection and contents of Personal Information provided on websites out of Nippon Fusso group.

11. Amendments to this policy

The contents of this policy are subject to change. The policy is considered to have come into effect from the time of its release on this website, unless otherwise defined by Nippon Fusso.